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I’m Erica OncMD, a working mom, book lover, Hematologist, and Medical oncologist.

Welcome to my website! I am Uchenna Erica Okagbue Njiaju, and known in professional circles as Uche (oochey) Njiaju (jahjuh), MD, FACP. Ericaoncmd is a combination of Erica, onc (short for oncology) and MD. I am a book-lover, wife, and mom to some really adorable children.  I am a specialist in blood disorders (Hematologist) and cancer (Oncologist), and a Fellow in the American College of Physicians.

Are you, or a loved one affected by cancer or a blood disorder?  With so much information on the internet, do you sometimes wish you had simplified and concise material you could review to understand better?

When I write, I imagine I have someone sitting in front of me.  I write like I am speaking to them directly.  I focus on the most important information I would like them to know, and I leave out confusing citations, references, and statistics.

I also love to share my love of books and reading.  I have always loved reading and try to pass on this habit to my children also. Reading is one way to learn and grow from other people’s experiences, one way to make sure we don’t repeat past mistakes, and a very relaxing hobby as well.  Reading is one way to explore the world, and get familiar with distant cultures!

As a parent and working mom, I fully understand the challenges and love to share experiences.  

Join me as I write about the things I am passionate – books, parenting, and educating the general public about cancer and blood disorders.  Do you have an interesting or inspiring parenting story?  Well, get in touch!  I’d love to feature your post on my blog.  Are you a writer wanting someone to review your work?  Look no further, I am your kind of person!

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Please note that the medical information I share is meant to be a general guide, not a substitute for medical advice from your physician. My writing is not meant to serve as a ‘second or third or other opinion.’ Any communication or writing here is not intended to establish a physician-patient relationship. The exact approach in treating a medical condition, including cancer, in any particular individual, depends on many variables so please be sure to discuss your thoughts and questions with your physician. Material published on this site or elsewhere by Erica OncMD, reflects my views and those of the individual authors. My views are mine alone, and are not affiliated with my employer.  Please do review my detailed disclaimer.

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Sending you my very best wishes,

Founder and Blogger, EricaOncMD

Family life, career, and interests

Like other working parents, I juggle a very rewarding career, at the same time as raising my lovely children, spending time with my husband, and running my home. Like others, I have my daily struggles, challenges, and successes. Occasionally, I will write about aspects of parenting, particularly as a working parent. It might be a thought to provoke discussion, or even a synopsis of a children’s book. I have always loved reading and will keep a running list of books I recommend. 

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