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It’s Amazing

It’s amazing to think that 2016 is almost over, isn’t it?  Like you, I had challenges and successes, and I try look to future with hope and optimism.  In my line of work, I have the honor and privilege of meeting incredible people on a daily basis.  They inspire me to be grateful always, and to make every day count.

Are you a cancer survivor trying to find meaning in your life after such a life-altering diagnosis? Maybe you are a caregiver, burdened by daily demands and praying for some relief, hoping that all will work out in the end.

Maybe you are a busy working parent trying to find balance, wondering how several pieces might work together. Or a stay-at-home parent, trying to find a way to keep up with hobbies and talents outside of parenting, to stay connected with the world.

In my life, I am learning that it is important to pay attention to 4 areas:

  • Relationships: who matters to you and what are you doing to grow and better those relationships?


  • Personality and personal challenges: What are you doing as a person to improve who you are? Have you perhaps conquered a phobia, or addressed a problematic personality trait?


  • Sharing talents and skills:  No one should live on earth and die without having humanity benefit from their fantastic and unique set of skills and talents.  Talents may lie outside of formal education and career.  It may even be a hobby, that can add value to someone else’s life.


  • Career: What are you doing to get better at it every day?


As we move into 2017, pray that you will continue to rise above your unique set of challenges, and that you will thrive in spite of them.  I pray that you will strive to find meaning in your life, however you might define it.  Even in your struggles, I pray that you will find the strength to continue to make a difference in the world.

When I set out on this blogging journey, I decided that I would share my knowledge and interests, hoping to add value to someone else’s life.  I decided that even though my life is very busy, I would take make out some time for this, however little.

For accompanying me on this journey, for your readership, for taking the time to ‘like’ and to comment on posts, for approaching me in the hallways and encouraging me to keep writing, for suggesting what I should write about next, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I wish you all a fantastic holiday season, and a very prosperous new year.

All my best,


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