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I’m a doctor of over 14 years, and your online self-navigate champion.  I teach people how to take charge and always get the most out of their health journey, whether simple or complex. I am the author of “Self navigate for health” available as eBook on Amazon and paperback on Lulu.

Welcome to my website! I am Uchenna Erica Okagbue Njiaju, and known in professional circles as Uche (oochey) Njiaju (jahjuh), MD, FACP. On social media, I use the name EricaOncMD which is a combination of Erica, Onc (short for oncology) and MD.

You guessed right, I am a doctor specializing in cancer and blood disorders.  I am also a Fellow in the American College of Physicians.

I am passionate about teaching people how to take charge and get the most out of their health journey.  Whether you have a complicated medical situation, or you are very healthy, whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one with health issues, I hope that you will find my posts here to be informative and helpful.

Are you, or a loved one affected by cancer or a blood disorder?  I also write to inform and to demystify.  I try to provide simplified and concise material, and use an informal tone, almost like I’m sitting with you and chatting.

I also love to share my love of books, especially historical fiction and children’s books.  I often post reviews of books I have encountered and loved.    

Please note that the medical information I share is meant to be a general guide, not a substitute for medical advice from your physician. My writing is not meant to serve as a ‘second or third or other opinion.’ Any communication or writing here is not intended to establish a physician-patient relationship. The exact approach in treating a medical condition, including cancer, in any particular individual, depends on many variables so please be sure to discuss your thoughts and questions with your physician. Material published on this site or elsewhere by Erica OncMD, reflects my views and those of the individual authors. My views are mine alone, and are not affiliated with my employer.  Please do review my detailed disclaimer.

My posts have appeared in other blogs, namely ihadcancer.com and kevinmd.com. Feel free to look around, review, and share freely with your friends.

Sending you my very best wishes,

Founder and Blogger, EricaOncologyMD

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