Doc Like Mommy by Dr. Crystal Bowe

Whether you’re a doctor mom, or a non-physician working mom, I”m sure that you’ve wondered how to help your kids make sense of it all.  Young children see the not so fun parts of having working moms and we sometimes wonder, “Is there anything positive they see in my work? Can they see that I’m trying my best every day?

The little girl in this story might help you persevere a bit.  She absolutely adores her mom, who happens to be a Doc.  She fantasizes about becoming a “Doc Like Mommy” when she grows up.  She has learned from Mommy that she’ll take care of everyone regardless, that she’ll try to be there always, that she’ll be knowledgeable, will care and listen.  She even knows about teaching people how to always stay fit.

The most touching parts for me include watching our Doc mom working hard on her laptop, in bed, after having put her little girl to sleep.  This resonates with me and many other Doc moms out there, in the era of unending EMR charting, documentation, and other administrative tasks, etc.  On another page, the Doc mom is looking intently at a ringing cellphone, no doubt related to work.  Next, I see the Doc mom at a ballet recital, proudly taking pictures of her little girl, all the while in a white coat, obviously on call or something similar.  At the very end, our little girl is older, probably at her High School graduation!

My child was very excited to see a little girl who had a busy Doc mom just like herself.  The book is simple yet so many aspects of a working mom’s life, work, efforts, challenges, and aspirations are so cleverly illustrated.  I love the short sentences and rhymes, and the illustrations by Mike Motz are adorable.

I love this new addition to my family library and I’m convinced that you will as well.  Click here if you’d like to buy a copy and happy reading!

About the author: Dr. Crystal Bowe is a mom, a Family Medicine Physician, a Public Health Advocate, and a Bestselling Author.  

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Author of "Self navigate for health" available as eBook on Amazon and paperback on Lulu. Hematology-oncology physician writing about medical self-advocacy or "self-navigation", cancer, blood disorders, and books

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