The Great Bunny Escape

Can  you remember being 6 or 7 and wanting something so badly, but not having luck getting your parents to agree?

In this book, Mackenzie Mary Weber tells us a story.  She is a little girl who really wants a rabbit for her 7th birthday.  It takes a lot to get her parents on board with this.  Her dad agrees quickly but her mom, like many of us, is thinking of her very long to do list, and not wanting to add “take care of rabbit” to this already very long list.  Sound familiar?

Mackenzie introduces the reader to big words (for a 7 year old anyway), like persistence, desperate, relentless.  She gets her way and Bunny comes home after an exciting day at the pet store!  Alas, mommy was right, this is a lot of work.  First of all, Bunny has to learn to adjust and share space with others, especially the dog Westy.  Bunny would not stay put in his cage and (loud gasp), he manages to go missing!!!

Everyone gets on the search, looking for Bunny, asking neighbors and such. Mackenzie gets creative and  she creates a sign with a picture of Bunny on it to hand around the neighborhood and…… actually works!   A neighbor sees the sign and realizes that the friendly rabbit who came by his house the night before is the very same lost Bunny!

The story is really cute.  Mackenzie writes like she is sitting cross-legged on a couch and having a chat with you, the reader, telling you her rabbit story.  You learn about her determination and persistence, like she too mentions.  She introduces words that had my first grader pausing to ask, “what does it mean?”, which adds to the reading experience.  She even makes out time at the end, to tell us a little more about rabbits in general!

I loved the book, it warmed my heart and made me smile, thinking of my own childhood and the many not-very-essential things I wanted (and did not always get)!  Of course, I loved the fact that the book was mostly written by a child, in her very own voice and style.  The images are adorable – she takes time to illustrate her parents differing initial thoughts about buying the rabbit, and we get to enjoy her happy dance! If I could change something about the outline, I might have it as a chapter book instead.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed reading the book with my children and highly recommend it!  Click here if you’d like to buy a copy.


About the authors: This book is written by a mother and daughter, Sharon T. McLaughlin and Mackenzie Mary Weber.  Mackenzie is the main author.  She loves animals and keeps an instagram page, @backyard.surroundings.  Sharon is a physician who writes about health and fitness, and designs motivational fitness tanks to help inspire exercise. She blogs at and is also active on instagram @healthstreetjournal

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