My Doctor and Me ABC

A is for Apple, B is for Boy, C is for Cat, and D is for Dog, right?  

Well, here’s another take on it….

A is for abdomen, B is for blood pressure, C is for cough, and D is for diagnosis!

Maybe you are thinking, “huh, what is this about”?  Well, wonder no more!  What if I told you that you could practice letters, enjoy rhymes, talk about parts of the body, abolish doctor fears, and read about healthy habits with your young child, all in one book?

“……A is for abdomen, better known as your tummy, keep it happy with food that’s healthy and yummy.

…….B is for blood pressure, with the greatest of ease, it’s measured by giving your arm a small squeeze.

…….C is for cough, please listen to your mother, turn your head….and your mouth, remember to cover!

…….D is for diagnosis, what’s making you sick? With an exam and some tests, the doctor finds out quick.”

Dr. Stephanie Cox goes over the alphabet introducing new words like diagnosis, immunization, abdomen, and blood pressure.  The illustrations by Emily Burger are amusing yet real, engaging and thought provoking.  A child practices inference reading this book.  In looking at the “A” page, my toddler was able to figure out that abdomen means belly, and proudly rubbed his belly to show me!  The “H” image of heart had my elementary aged child asking me why “blue and red lines” are running from the heart and we got talking about arteries and veins.  The “I” page of immunization is hilarious.  Fancy getting a shot with a big smile on your face all the while, because you have a superman cape and you know you’re getting a “germ-fighting burst.”

Do you secretly nurture a dream of raising a physician child?  Well, this is great early introduction!  I had my children asking me questions about their lungs, kidneys and joints while reading this book.  Of course, a children’s book without rhymes, in my opinion, is like coffee without cream and sugar – some enjoy it without, but those who love the combination will tell you how much better it is that way!

Dr. Stephanie Cox poured doctor-style love and serious-yet-baby-talk into this book.  My kids and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it this morning, again, and the 4th time!  I highly recommend it and do click here if you’d like to purchase a copy.  Happy reading!


About the author (copied verbatim from the back of the book): Dr. Stephanie Cox, M.D., is a mom of three and a third generation Family Physician with years of experience taking care of children of all ages. She wants to help put kids on the right path to life-long great health!  This is her first children’s book but her ten-thousandth visit to the doctor’s office.   She does have a Facebook page for this book, @MyDoctorandMeABC which you can follow for more tips and suggestions for keeping your kids healthy.   

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