An Oops Sort of Day by Danielle Chammas


Is that a problem or a blessing in disguise?

Do you have a perfectionist child in your life? Do you look for ways to show him/her how it is ok to try and fail, that mistakes can lead to something great and are not always bad?

Well, read on…..

This second children’s book by Danielle Chammas is all about …..OOPS! A young girl on her way to her music lesson makes a mistake and take the wrong way, ends up finding a bakery she’d never seen, tastes some bread, meets a friendly dog. She tries to play her trumpet for the dog and messes up the tune, but in so doing, she creates a new tune and several other OOPS!

It might seem too perfect but that is the strength of the book exactly. Specifically, I mean in teaching a child that a series of unfortunate and unplanned events can create something great yet unexpected. That one need not feel unduly sad about a mistake rather, one could try to find the positive in each situation. While we certainly don’t wish for a life full of mistakes, we hope that occasional ones can be a learning experience. This book reminds me of a famous quote by Nelson Mandela, “I never lose. I either win or learn.”

In a world that celebrates perfection, I found this book helpful in showing that great things rarely start perfectly and might even start by……OOPS!

This second Chammas book comes highly recommended and is a great addition to your family library. Click here if you’d like to buy a copy and happy reading!

Author bio:  Danielle Chammas is a Del Mar native who practices psychiatry and palliative care in the Bay Area.  She is reachable on Twitter at @ChammasDani and has a Facebook Page called Little Feet Press.  

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