The Puppy Princess Sheba series by Fatu Forna

She is a “Saint Bernard puppy, a cute golden brown, with eyes large and sweet, and a white patch that ran from her face to her feet.”

I had the pleasure of reading the 2 books in the Puppy Princess Sheba series with my kids.  The first is introductory while the second is, I hope, only the first of several puppy Sheba adventures that will appear in print.

All eyes on a cute little puppy called Princess Sheba.  In the first book, she meets her new family including mum, dad, and four kids.  We follow her adventures – cuddling at home with the kids, walking along the sidewalk, growing up, joining at dinner and of course, making a mess!

We see excitement in the face of kids and mom when Princess Sheba arrives home.  We watch kids elated as they chase after puppy while she makes a mess (no doubt leaving mum and dad stressing about having to clean up)!

In the second book, Puppy Princess Sheba visits the African continent with her family.  The reader learns of major attractions in Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Lagos, Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Lesotho, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Morocco, Mali, and Senegal.  It’s a splash of color – the fashion, buildings, a magnificent waterfall, gigantic kingdoms, and such.

I can relate with this family, with mum and dad eating dinner in scrubs and with hospital badges.  The happy mess reminds me of my home and I’m sure parents of young children will relate.  I always love rhymes in children’s books, that make it that much more fun to read.  Kudos to Mike Motz for the absolutely darling illustrations in the book.  In the first book, the rice and chicken dinner had my mouth watering.  In the second book, my emotions were stirred by the depiction of “The Smoke That Thunders” or the magnificent Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, where I grew up.

Dr. Forna infuses rhythmic fun into the story of Puppy Princess Sheba to create a memorable children’s book series.  Even if one cannot relate as directly as I did, there are notable aspects that would be educational for young children.  First, the celebration of working moms is increasingly seen in children’s books as in this series.  Second, diversity is highlighted with characters in different skin and hair colors and textures.  Finally, Africa is shown in a different light that celebrates the people, the fashion, and natural wonders.

Can you believe that Puppy Princess Sheba actually wears a tiara in her real life picture?  Well, look and see for yourself.  Click here to purchase the first book in the series, “Puppy Princess Sheba,” and here for the second book, “Puppy Princess Sheba Goes to Africa.”  By the way, each part of the series has a coloring book component for even more fun.  Happy reading!


About the author:  Dr. Fatu Forna is an obstetrician/gynecologist and writer who lives between Atlanta, Georgia and Freetown, Sierra Leone.  She is married to a pediatrician and they have four kids.  This book is based on the adventures of their dog Puppy Princess Sheba.  You can follow the adventures of Sheba on her instagram page @puppyprincesssheba.  You can read more about Dr. Forna on her website where she writes about books and girls’ reproductive health issues.  

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