TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH: have a health summary

Have you ever wondered how to keep track of medical conditions, medications, etc? Maybe for you, or a loved one, your parent or a child?  Well, wonder no more.  I have come up with a short and very simple guide you can use to keep things organized.  I have used a hypothetical patient who has diabetes mellitus and high cholesterol just to illustrate (NB: This is not a real patient, rather details in this blog post are totally made up.  Any similarity to the history of an actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental).

Feel free to cut and paste into a word document and change the components for your situation.  You may also use the contact page on this website to reach me directly for a .pdf form.  For some people, health history may be simple enough to commit these points to memory.



What (medical diagnoses):

Type 2 diabetes mellitus (DMII)

High cholesterol


More about it (no more than 3 phrases describing each):

Type 2 diabetes mellitus: body does not respond well to my own insulin or is resistant to it, can cause high sugar levels, predispose to stroke, heart attack and other organ damage in long run

High cholesterol: too much bad cholesterol (called LDL) can predispose to stroke, heart attack, blood vessel disease



Name of medication Dose What for How important
Lantus insulin 20 units injected under skin at night Diabetes Crucial
Atorvastatin 20mg by mouth at bedtime High cholesterol Important
 Vitamin D  1000 units by mouth in the morning To supplement vitamin D  Important
 Aspirin  81mg by mouth daily  To prevent heart attack and stroke  Important


What I need to tell my family members:

DMII and high cholesterol can both run in families. My children may be at risk also. This shared risk can be due to genetics and/or family habits.


Important lifestyle implications:

It is important to control weight, exercise, control cholesterol and simple sugars in diet, watch salt intake. It is also important to avoid/minimize alcohol and avoid smoking as these habits can also add to organ damage. Pay attention to feet as ulcers can occur related to diabetic nerve and blood vessel damage. Report those immediately.


Other useful information or websites:




Question:  What else do have you found useful to know, that could be included in a health summary?  Feel free to leave a comment below.

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