You need not compare yourself with others

You need not compare yourself with others, “You Are The Best You.”

Arty is an elephant that I really like because I can relate with his troubles and worries.  On this particular day, he roams the savanna, thinking how he could be so much better if he were smaller, or could run faster, or were better looking, or more graceful, etc.
Along the way, he meets several friends – Chico the mouse, Shawna the cricket, Lara the gazelle, and others.  He tries to complain about one particular thing to each, but the response is the same.  They all want him to understand that there is something awesome about what he doesn’t like, “Learn to like yourself.”

I like how Arty is portrayed in a way we can all identify with.  We all, have something about ourselves that we don’t like much.  We tend to worry about it privately, then we might complain to a friend.  We may tend to look at someone else and say, “I wish I had that, or I wish I looked like that.”  Self-acceptance is a life-long journey for most of us.  We eventually learn to realize that we are a sum total of our strengths and weaknesses, our perfection and imperfections.  It is that unique combination that makes each person special.  Also, it’s all a matter of perspective.  Something that may seem to be a problem in one situation, can also be a great attribute in another.

This is a great way to teach a child such a fundamental life lesson.  Click here if you’d like to buy a copy.  Another book that teaches this lesson in a very funny sort of way is Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester.

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About the author:  Dr. Adeshola (Shola) Ezeokoli is British born, of Nigerian and Guyanese descent. She is a medical doctor who spent most of her life in Nigeria and now resides in the USA. She writes about all things inspirational and motivational, as well as poetry. She recently branched out into writing children’s books. She publishes under the names Adeshola Ezeokoli and Shola Ezeokoli.  She also blogs at Balance with Dr. Shola.  Above and beyond all that, Shola is just a fantastic person I know, and I’m proud to call her a dear friend.

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